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International Inspirational Speaker and Best-Selling Author

The Pursuit of "Happyness"

Chris Gardner is the author of the book, "The Pursuit of Happyness," a New York Times and Washington Post #1 bestseller based on his life story. A series of adverse circumstances in the early 1980's left Gardner homeless in San Francisco and the sole guardian of his toddler son. Unwilling to give up on his dreams of success, he climbed to the top of the financial industry ladder from the very bottom. It is the inspiration behind the acclaimed movie "The Pursuit of Happyness". Now, his aim is to help others achieve their full potential through his speaking engagements and media projects.

Don't ever let someone tell you you can't do something. Not even me.

- Chris Gardner

The World's Leading Marketing Authority

The Strategy of Preeminence

Jay Abraham has been a trusted advisor, business growth strategist, and marketing genius to businesses from the SMB level all the way up to the INC 500 and Fortune 500 for the last 30 years.

Jay has the unique ability to view problems, reduce them to their simplest elements, and come up with a reasonable a nd practical solutions. He has been exceptionally successful at what he does as a result and produced thousands of suc cess stories. Noted for popularizing the phrase "Unique Selling Proposition”, Jay has spawned an entire generation of marketing consultants and experts.

He has an incredible wealth and depth of knowledge that is mostly derived from first-hand experience while working in different industries. At last count, he has helped companies in over 465 different industries, on five continents. It’s no wonder industry leaders and successful CEOs regard him as the preeminent business strategist.

The key of all life is value. Value is not what you get, it's what you give.

- Jay Abraham

Global speaker, Entrepreneur and Women’s Fashion Advocate

Helping Women to Look and Feel Their Very Best

Michelle Mone is the founder of Ultimo Brands International, the UK’s leading designer lingerie brand. Michelle has been honoured by Her Majesty the Queen with an OBE for her outstanding contribution to business and regularly listed as one of the UK’s top female entrepreneurs.

Michelle grew up in the East End of Glasgow where at the age of fifteen her father became ill and wheelchair bound. Michelle had to leave school with no qualifications, which encouraged her entrepreneurial spirit. In 1996, the idea for Ultimo was born. It was at a dinner dance, wearing a very uncomfortable cleavage-enhancing bra that Michelle had the epiphany and realised the lingerie industry was crying out for innovation in the form of a bra that could exceed in comfort, cleavage-enhancement and uplift. In November, Michelle created just this launching Ultimo into the market.

Michelle’s profile is ever expanding both in the UK and worldwide as she continues to be an international speaking inspiration.

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The National Achievers Congress brings you the opportunity to achieve amazing results in your personal life, business, finances, and health by bringing the world's leading experts in these fields and top inspirational speakers to you at this one amazing 3-day event.