27 - 28 May 2017   |   Singapore Expo

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We hope you enjoyed this year’s National Achievers Congress with Dr Tony Fernandes, Dr John Demartini and our special guest Jack Neo!

Relive the best moments of the event right here on our gallery and selected videos from the speakers at the event...

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I have been attending NAC since 2004. This programme allows me to believe I can accomplish many things in life including standing on international stages to give keynote addresses.

You should attend NAC regularly together with your co-workers and loved ones.

NAC is an amazing learning platform, just like a buffet, you get all sorts of delicious dishes, and you choose what you like or fits you best. I found my master here, and life just changes to the better. I hope you do as well.

I have attended NAC several times since 2014. It inspired me immensely that I brought my team and friends with me ever since.

NAC has triggered me to DREAM BIG and GO BIG.

NAC is a place that would trigger one's desire and potential to go beyond expectation.

I was attending this event without any expectations. In my mind, this is an ordinary talk which will be boring all the way. But In fact, I totally enjoy and being inspired by the talks. It was so great that all the National Achievers shared their success story and motivated us to be successful also. This event really provided me with a fruitful learning lesson and it is so meaningful to my life.

“It was wonderful experience to attend this year’s National Achievers Congress with world class speaker and entrepreneur such like Dr Tony Fernandes, Dr John Demartini , Peng Joon, Jack Neo, JT Foxx!
It was such lucky for using Sgd5 to trade Sgd10 from Peng Joon and get a book with signature from Dr Tim Errington.
But another greatest things was you make some amazing new friends and get to know someone who have the same vision and dream with you!
Anyway still thanks for Success Resource for making this wonderful Congress to be happen!
I highly recommend for those who want to be wealth in the future to attend this Congress in 2018!”
“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. - Mark 11:24
Thank you Lord for all the great blessings for today, prior attending to the national achievers congress today when I took air asia flight last month I purchase a red cap and I told myself Sir Tony Fernandes should sign this when I see him in the event, and on the day of the event before his turn to speak I write down this phrase "Sir Tony Fernandez will sign my cap and book" and true enough out of all the participants in the audience he ask me to join him on stage
He is one of the leaders I truly admired as he always mention that People are your greatest assets. And I was curious how he is able to maintain a positive mindset despite the challenges he face in the past.Just being with him on stage and his autograph is already enough for me, when he ask me another question where I want to fly? Without hesitation I answered I want to go back to my home country. Thank you very much for the inspiration you are giving all of us Sir Tony Fernandez. Hope to meet you again in the future to learn more from you”
“Awesome session with the hero of changing airline industry in Asia tonight! A great man who always focuses on PEOPLE as the 1st priority in life!

@tonyfernandes Just fly AirAsia”